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  • 無事に売却できました


    "We can safely sell our land."
    The owner of the adjoining land is, where difficult also to see
    the greeting, let alone face in all walks of life celebrities,
    regardless of the exploited letter day and night, we have to
    confirm the boundary patiently correspondingly.
    Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


  • 次の仕事もお願いしたい


    "Also next job, not get to continue to do?"
    Upstream, in the land dispute of the branch is not extinct,
    in which most of the relationship between land owners come
    make a lawyer in the attorney, we have successfully completed
    the boundary confirmation.
    Musashino-shi, Tokyo


  • 一通りの問題が解決できました


    From tenacious response to poor adjacent landowner
    relationships, location unknown landlord of the search,
    persuasion of donations without consideration, boundary
    witness, waterways boundary finalized, negotiations and
    paperwork of aging acquisition of waterways for map
    correction, I had you described one by one carefully, such as,
    all our client's could not in the circle throwing state
    understanding, was the only cooperating you as instructed.
    On the other hand, is more of you, have tried and failed in the
    matter of the city hall and the tax-road, for the aging of the
    Ministry of Finance and waterways, but the Legal Affairs Bureau
    had been negotiated thoroughly with respect to map correction,
    for those of us requester is ahead. It has to. However, we are
    very grateful because we have to solve all immediate problem is.
    Machida, Tokyo

    土地地積更正登記(複数筆)・ 分筆登記(複数筆)・道路境界確定・ 水路境界確定・水路(国有地)時効取得申請手続・ 地図訂正・ 土地の寄付契約(複数)・土地の交換

  • 差し押さえられずにすみそうです


    "It seems settled without being seized."
    Apparently one of our tenants of commercial buildings of our
    ownership has been delinquent taxes, there was a notification
    that the registration of the seizure to all one house of the
    building. When I was looking for a licensee to get moving as
    soon as possible. There is no much time to date in the
    introduction of the real estate company, as soon as possible the
    building to each tenant, I asked and please refer to the
    registration division. Then you went to prior consultation on the
    same day the Legal Affairs Bureau, came to the field survey and
    the survey on the next day.
    Surprisingly, the application for registration is the next day, was
    please to complete the registration at the Legal Affairs Bureau
    on the 4th in also. During this time, it is just one week from the
    You seemed to have been quite surprised. It was inevitable to
    lose one house all thanks to you.
    Also I think that the next attempt to ask if there something.
    Taito-ku, Tokyo


  • 買主さんにも紹介します


    "I'm going to tell the buyer about you".
    Inheritance we were the sale of the home for, but it was
    introduced to when the work does not progress to conditions
    as of the contract. I explained all the agreement, the contract
    in place could not be obtained, at a later date. I had received
    a request conditionally. Conditions were the two. One was to
    the maximum of effort, I couldn't be guaranteed of making time
    for the original contract Street. Second, to all relevant skilled in
    the art as my agent, I wanted you to thoroughly instructed.
    Of course objection to me and asked without. That the next
    day, began in real estate agent who sold my land, design firm,
    construction company, further you instructed the set-up of the
    future up to the dismantling of skill in the art, while managing
    to keep up, your own business all advances of the original
    contract as was in time.
    Ota-ku, Tokyo

    土地地積更正登記⇒合筆登記⇒分筆登記。 建物滅失登記⇒建物表題登記⇒家屋証明取得

  • どうもありがとうございました


    "Thank you very much."
    It was one of the idle land, but was completed in the previous
    tax increase of consumption tax would like to complete the
    building title registration. I was contracted to believe the
    proposal of a certain house manufacturer.
    It was much the same think of people. Business began in also
    expected to be completed registration completed before tax
    increase was unexpected situation. Craftsman was a shortage.
    Could not be ensured more per diem high of planned would
    flow to the site craftsman, it seemed like the process had been
    delayed. Orders original house manufacturers by cutting the
    benefits of their own, such as raising the per diem for the
    human resources have me to deal with. Teacher of land and
    house investigator to witness such corporate efforts were also
    please let in time the registration in an effort that drew the
    Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture


  • 決済に間に合いました


    "We in time for settlement."
    We were at ease because it was not endless left to the real
    estate company, but the boundary determined there was a
    description that it is condition was two weeks before the
    settlement. We can not find a land and house investigator
    to get at the request, for it was supposed to help by the
    introduction, we will proceed well setup, as a result of the
    work with each other to receive the appropriate your
    instructions cooperation, from the request 10 completed in
    the day, The buyor was surprised in time enough to the
    settlement date of the promise.
    Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture